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Jacob Osborn


Luckily I was born in Aberdeen, South Dakota. A great place for waterfowl hunting and great lakes that are never too far away to fish. Coming from a military family and traveling the world, my passions, or should I say my addictions, didn't develop until late high school. It all started with making some great buddies that would take me fishing and waterfowl hunting and share their knowledge with me. Sadly after a year in college, I decided to do my own tour in the Army. Once I was done with the Army I knew I was coming back to Aberdeen, and soon after my waterfowl addiction started to kick in. I lucked out and found a job where I get the winters off and even part of the spring. Perfect for a guy that just wants to hunt and fish.


Of all waterfowl hunting, my true passion is with the snow geese. The endless miles, meeting new people, setting up massive full-body spreads, and even the bad hunts. Sounds like paradise to me! I haven't been at Flatland Flyways for a long time, but I always look forward to meeting new clients and making sure they have the best time possible. To see the joy in their eyes after all the hard work has paid off is icing on the cake!!


Happy Hunting!