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America's Finest

What an amazing few days of being able to hunt with America’s finest warriors! I cannot say it enough, being able to work with @specialopsxcursions is one of the most powerful, humbling, and fun experiences in our season. We are asked throughout season several times per year if we’ve hunted with anyone famous or anyone in politics. My response is always an easy one no we don’t, but we get to hunt with special operations operators from green berets and the 160th SOAR. These individuals are famous in our eyes, the sacrifices and continued dedication to duty through all sorts of challenging experiences to keep our nation safe is one of the most powerful things I have had the opportunity to be exposed to. It is an absolute honor to be able to walk with these men for a few days, we sincerely thank you all for your service to this country. The gifts given to Team FF are gifts that cannot be matched. From a hand carved plaque, a painting of the 106th SOAR, a personalized American flag, to a flag that was flown in Syria on one of their trucks when they declared victory over ISIS! These men, this group, these gifts, and these experiences are greatly appreciated and we look forward to your return!

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