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During your stay, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Having a plan will help your hunting experience go smoothly. We have provided tips of what we encourage you to take into consideration while planning for your retreat with us! 


Generic camouflage, warm, waterproof boots, insulated pants or bibs, heavy and light jackets to layer, gloves, beanie or ball cap, etc. Boot dryers are available for use. A majority of hunts are held in dry fields. Waders are available for rent if opportunity arises. Field-trained/kennel-trained dogs are welcomed. SHOTGUNS: 12 or 20 Gauge | SHELLS: Federal Premium Black Cloud FS Steel. We recommend 2 boxes of shells per day, per hunter. 


Casual wear and comfortable shoes are great to have while relaxing in the lodge during the day. Amenities include: outdoor patio games, pool table, trap shooting, (trap loads are included),  fitness center, 60" and 90" flat screen televisions, fireplace, mudroom for boots and gear, and six double-occupancy rooms divided by our well-appointed  great-room.


Prior to departing to the field, each hunter is required to present a hard copy of their SD waterfowl license, habitat stamp as well as their Federal Duck Stamp in the Fall.


If unable to access accounts, please contact the state in advance. Federal Duck Stamps can be purchased at many sporting goods stores, large retail locations, or U.S. Postal Offices. Please purchase prior to arrival!


To appropriately plan for you trip, please take into consideration these additional fees: Bird Cleaning Fees:  $5 / Bird. All harvested birds are the hunters responsibility. By accepting to pay this fee, our staff will claim responsibility for all appropriate cleaning, tagging, labeling, and packaging required prior to storing and transporting. Additional shipping fees are your expense and a game plan for harvested birds must be made prior to your arrival.  Memorabilia:  A stop in the pro shop is a must prior to departure. A large selection suitable for men, women, and children. Gratuity: Tips are greatly appreciated. While the question is always asked, 15% is our typical gift of gratuity which is pooled and split amongst all guides and staff as it is a team effort to run a well-oiled machine. Taxes: Tax is not included in your total package price and will be reflected on your final bill. 

Route Planning

Traveling by air? We recommend flying into Aberdeen Regional Airport through Delta Airlines. Let us alleviate the extra expenses of car rental by providing free airport pickup and drop-off with the purchase of your hunting package. Arrangements must be made two weeks prior to arrival by sending your flight plan to our team. 

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