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Megan Russo

Booking Agent, Marketing & Operations


First introduced in 2013 and fairly new to the world of waterfowling, I quickly fell in love and dedicated my time and efforts to the lifestyle. From the first time I swung open those blind doors, I had an inimitable feeling instilled within me. These guys are professionals, but even better, they have taught me far more than hunting. I have learned to embrace the natural beauty that South Dakota provides, and to share the experience with others! Our son Gage was born May 20, 2018 and we are so eager to raise him up in this lifestyle. The environment that surrounds Flatland Flyways demonstrates tranquility and an amazing amount of diversity in the bird population, given we are located near Sand Lake Refuge. I am so thankful that Alex is willing to share his passion with me and we are extremely eager to share our resources with you. I am thrilled to meet you as we are scheduling your next hunting vacation to Flatland Flyways!

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